One to One healing sessions

Unblock - Realign - Activate


It’s time to unstuck yourself.

My healing work transcends traditional methods to get to the root cause of a problem and weed it out. We will work together, to create powerful shifts + spiritual breakthroughs in your mind, body & soul so you can activate your potential and, well,  get yourself unstuck .

Imagine if you finally stepped up in offering your business gifts, or healed that hurt from the past that plagues your self esteem, or finally stopped making the same mistake over and over again.

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"Working with Jay was a dream. I wasn't a skeptic so-to-speak, but I also don't believe everything I hear-- Jay is the real deal and the creme de la creme at what she does. There were several times during our sessions that I knew I was hearing just what I needed to hear, that I felt truly guided and I had so many questions, answered. I will absolutely continue going to Jay and highly recommend her for the wide variety of offerings she has."

Kayli S. Arizona.


"A huge step for me to reach out, and I'm so glad I did...I was totally blown away with what you said, I just sat here with my mouth open just shocked and dumbfounded, speechless at how accurate you were, it felt like you'd known me my entire life. Thank you so so much"

Cathryn, Nottingham

Instead of setting goals and failing, breaking up again, or putting the weight back on... erase THE CORE of the problem. If you don't, you will always struggle.

One to one EFT session ( 60 minutes) or tuition (90 minutes)

With this session, you gain personal access to my healing expertise to tailor a solution to your specific problem.

This technique reduces stress, insecurity, confidence issues & anxiety on the spot that you can take away with you & use over and over again.

I have used this with clients for negative thought patterns, confidence issues related to work, love + social situations, anxiety, obsessive thinking.

In the 90 minute session we can go deeper, solidify your knowledge understanding and adapt the technique for different situations. You will have a technique you can use for a lifetime. This session comes with a free e book for easy reference of the techniques + a journal to track your progress.

You will feel happier, more in control of your emotions, cravings, or fears.


Healing codes session (60 minutes) or tuition (90 minutes)

Receive a tailored healing to reduce difficult emotions around a problem

This technique that will release the stress response and beliefs that relate to the underlying cause your problem.

This has worked well for phobias, social fears, confidence issues, fear of public speaking and more.

You will gain clarity, and greater emotional control over your triggers, fears and emotions.

In a 90 minute tutorial I can teach you the technique to use for yourself on any issues that may come up, giving you skills for a lifetime. The 90 minute tuition comes with an e book for easy reference to the procedure and to track your progress. 


I have a small number of weekly hours set aside women like you who are ready to grab life with both hands and ready to take action to get hot, happy & healthy.

We will tailor the session to you & dive deep.

Maybe you need:

-Spiritual life guidance. Your old life doesn't fit, but your new one hasn't fully emerged

- Reduce anxiety and stress

- Goal planning

- Reduce self sabotage at work & at home

- Curb your cravings - Career advancement

- Learn how to use healing techniques, oracle reading, or intuition for yourself (90 min session only)

- Psychic spiritual guidance on career, health, love or life purpose

- Intuitive life coaching

- A psychic card reading or energy healing

Sessions may include a mix of Angel oracle reading, teaching you powerful unblocking & intuition techniques, goal setting & goal activation, deep energy & chakra clearing, meditation techniques & more.

Pop an email over to see if we are right for each other, and check availability. Sessions are £90 for up to 90 minutes and £60 for 60 minutes