Using 5 of the most powerful spiritual tools available: chakra clearing , ancient mantra, yoga, goddess energy AND potent energy healing; The Chakra Goddess Chamber help you finally claim the life you desire, and let the past go.

Come into alignment with your best self again, and breathe a sigh of relief as you gain new clarity, internal power, and focus for your life. After taking a number of people through this journey, I can confidently tell you that manifesting abundance, opportunities, stepping into life purpose, reduced anxiety, better body image, breaking away from toxic relationships and increased confidence have all happened within 8 weeks AND MORE. 

- get yourself unstuck - in money, relationships and life purpose!

- finally find self love!

- receive messages about your life purpose!

- heal your hurting heart from that breakup!

- make choices that lead you to success!

This course will soothe your mind, heal your heart and ignite your soul. You will discover  your passion, lay past hurts to rest and emerge as the powerful being you were meant to be. Over 8 weeks,  you will journey deeper and deeper into the mystery of who you truly are (underneath the confusion and stress ) to discover your hidden gifts,  gain clarity for your life path & let go of what's been holding you back.

Each week you will heal mind, body and soul with each chakra, powerfully accompanied and supported by a Goddess. This is the feminine face of the divine, in all her potent glory. She has the ability to change your life, and she will. 

The low down:

  • Approx 2 hours a week

  •  Work at your own pace

  • Learn energy healing

  • Heal each chakra

  • Attract abundance & love

  • Learn powerful techniques to heal negative patterns

  • Get radical self love

  • Banish negative thoughts about your body

  • Forgive the past and move on

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Find forgiveness and move on

  • Weekly video coaching

  • Discover the secrets things holding you back - and let go

  • Heal from that breakup

  • Step in to your life purpose

  • Magnify your spiritual connection

  • Improve your intuition

  • Increase healthy sexuality

  • Unleash your creativity

  • Learn potent mantras for guidance and power  

  • Get inner peace - finally

  • Reduce stress 


Investment in you is £297

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This is a life changing 8 weeks

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Wow! This has been one of the most profound, loving and life affirming choices I have made in my life so far. Even after actively working on loving, healing and accepting myself for over 15 years, I found that there were still hidden parts of me that were making choices in my life that seemed out of my control.

In short I was raring to go in life, yet I was being frustratingly held back with what felt like a giant bungee cord. Well no more! 😃 I am only on the end of week 4's sessions and there have been so many changes/releases in my life it's crazy good.

I'm a manifesting marvel now, with grace and ease I ask and it appears. Gone are the struggles around my body, sexuality, old addictions, abusive relationships and behaviour patterns. I'm kicking to the kerb underselling myself, shame, fear, accepting less and avoiding owning my power.

I am a powerful loving woman and this is definitely the way forward in life. 💖

Kelly D
Kelly D

The Chakra Goddess Chamber journey...

  • Root Chakra

    Week 1 starts powerfully. You will connect to Goddess Kali to claim your foundation of light, and clear away all that prevents you from radically falling in love with yourself, and realising your true purpose. She will hold you in love as you root yourself to the belief that you are a divine being of love.

    You will also meet with Goddess Lakshmi who will bless you with her golden light, opening your channels of receptivity and teaching you how to live in the light of love and abundance. She will tell you how to claim your abundance now.

  • Sacral Chakra

    Week 2 you will receive your Hathor transmission. This Goddess teaches you your body is divine love – and to treat it accordingly. You will learn how to use your body as a vessel of divine love in your every day life.

    BONUS: You will receive a powerful healing technique to claim body love. Whether you dislike an area of your body, distrust it through illness, have become estranged since pregnancy or do not feel at home in your body – this will help you.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

    In week 3 you will heal the solar plexus chakra. Here you will find courage, and the shadows of shame. Goddess Isis will guide you into her temple for a powerful initiation to reclaim your divine feminine power. You will be purified without judgement.

  • Heart Chakra

    Mary Magdelene takes you into the mountains in week 4 to help you release all that blocks the flow of love in your life. Grief is carried away, heartbreak is carried away, sadness is carried away.

    BONUS: You will be taught a powerful process to increase self love & confidence, that you can use throughout your life, no matter the ups and down’s.

  • Throat Chakra

    Week 5 – you meet Saraswati to learn divine balance in your communication. Calling her to your side with her mantra, she will guide you to use your wisdom and words in complete alignment with yourself. Then you will delve deeper to balance your chakra of expression, making your words wise and healing. 

  • Brow chakra

    Week 6 you are plugged into your intuition by Goddess Isis. She will bring the divine violet flame to bring you pure clarity, illuminate distortions and connect you to your innate wisdom. You will receive guidance for your life path. 

  • Crown Chakra

    Week 7. Mahashakti – the goddess, the mother of all that is smiles down on you, pouring universal love into your crown chakra through your whole body – grounding you with the love of Mother Amma. You experience pure love, and open your being to the divine.

    You are flowering into love, in mind, body & soul

  • Concluding

    Week 8: You will gather all you have learned to pave your road ahead, focusing forward feeling fresh, and ready for success!


BONUS VIDEOS: Learn powerful - quick - energy healing techniques (usually a whole course of it's own) to get great self confidence and heal your body image. Yes, even YOU can learn these powerful energy healing techniques! Totally invaluable, and will REALLY move the needle on your self confidence and discipline!!

You will blast through negative thoughts and charge ahead!

VALUE: $180

Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.

WEEKLY PRACTICES: you will receive a short daily yoga, dance or mantra practice to strengthen your chakra healing and connection to the goddesses. Your body, mind and spirit will get clearer, stronger and happier!

VALUE: $97

PRIVATE SHARING CIRCLE: A private circle group to share what you are learning, get support and cheerlead your new friends on. 

This is a sacred space where we can come together to explore our deepening connection to the Goddesses, and the fruits of our journey to the light within.

It is so, so worth it

VALUE: $25

DOWNLOADABLE CHAKRA AFFIRMATIONS: Each week you will receive a handy cheat sheet that you can pin up at home or use as your screensaver to affirm healing and abundance for each chakra energy. You will see where you are out of alignment, and have the tools to affirm your way to happiness.

VALUE: $40

Receiving the Chakra Goddess Chamber teachings:

Over each week you will access a dedicated theme with your practices for the week. You will practice alongside women from all over the world.

These will include:

Downloadable audio mp3's for your journey with the Goddesses - put them on your phone

Videos showing you how to conduct your own powerful healings. You will be able to use these healing skills for life to clear blocked energy and patterns of conditioning in the body, mind & spirit - to get you happier & healthier quicker

Yoga & mantra mini practices for each chakra - a daily power practice for spiritual growth

Weekly information on the chakras and Goddesses - to feed your mind

Access to the sharing circle to explore your experiences



Wow, so I don't really no where to start. I have enjoyed this course so much and it completely exceeded my expectations. It's been amazing.

The week that is standing out that little bit more is week 4, Mary Magdalene and the heart chakra. She helped me release fear and unforgivness. When I asked who I needed to forgive she said the bullies from school, so I wrote a letter and burnt it which felt like a big release.

Another message that was reoccurring throughout the weeks is for me to trust, everything will always be ok. This is a very big message for me to receive. I will definitely keep reminding myself of this when something has not worked out or if I am worrying about something that might happen.I can celebrate a sense of freedom from fear snd worry. I also feel I have gained confidence in myself as a person...

I gained so much from taking part in this course. I cleared a lot of deep stuff I didn't know was still affecting me. One thing I have felt a lift with is my anxiety that I was getting prior to doing a healing. This was through the Skype session I had (with Jay on a one to one). I thought that was amazing the way you guided me back to when my anxiety started which was primary school.

S Kelly

“Jay is a heart centred healer of truth and grounded no B.S. support” –

Steph W
Steph W High Vibration Living

I have never experienced anything like the healing that I experienced...
I learnt how disconnected I was from myself even though subconsciously I yearned for that relationship. The emotional release was intense and my visual experiences were profound! I actually got to experience me being born without the trauma just going through the motions, it was incredible! I...woke up with a new purpose and a part of me awakened that was so long suppressed! Would I recommend this...? Absolutely, it is a must for every woman!!
Thank You Jay for this gift x

C Douglas
C Douglas

“The service Jay offers helped channel calm within myself and I walked away feeling lighter and more powerful”

Nat S
Nat S

‘I really recommend Jay if you want to make powerful changes’.

Karla E.
Karla E.


Investment in you: £297 / $383.55 Or pay £85.50 now, and 3 more easy payments. Your choice. 

If you don't make a change now, when will you?


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Chakra Goddess Chamber
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
At checkout£85.50 GBP
Every 1 month (x 3)£85.50 GBP
Total £342.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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About Jay Diamond

Jay is a shamanic, tantric, yogini. She uses over 16 years experience to help you have powerful spiritual breakthroughs. Say goodbye to old patterns, and say hello to love, life purpose and confidence.  Her courses, psychic guidance sessions, meditations & seminars help you powerfully connect to your own innate health, happiness & wisdom.

You know you want more, but you don't know how to get there.

It's ok not to know! Jay will give you a roadmap, the healing, and the tools you need to reach your highest potential.

We are all evolving together, holding hands on the road less travelled as you let the past go, + walk directly in to the future you dreamed about. Read more about her   HERE