The Reconnection Retreat

Urban Mini!

Yoga - Deep relaxation - Heart opening

Sat 20th May 6-8.30pm - Holborn Community Centre, 35 Emerald St WC1N 3QW

You work hard, you're frazzled, you need a break! You pretty much know all the right things to do, you just need a little breather to get you back on track & some sweet relief.

You need to Reconnect!

Here's how:

in just a couple of hours we will switch you from stressed to satisfied.  There'll be engaging Tantra yoga ( using the asanas to balance your energy, and get you mindfully focused back in your body = being a happier human) with a shamanic focus to call in support and healing from the elements ( = super charge your experience).

The Yoga nidra will make you feel like you've finally had the proper rest you need (ready for success!), and the beginners tantra exercises - well that's all about creating magic in your life - because, who doesn't want more intimacy, connection and a spring their step? ( no one, that's who)

Yep! Only £1 deposit.

In 10 days £14 will be due, and after another 10 days £14. It'll be automatic so couldn't be easier, and if you email us 48 hours before the event you'll receive a 50% refund if you can't come. Just bring your yoga mat with you on the day (essential) and you'll walk out feeling a million dollars.

If you don't have a mat we have around 8 spare. EMAIL me to book a mat with your place, we'll happily accommodate you. 

(Or at least £100,000 as we can't promise sun and sand unless you're coming to Portugal with us in September!)

So if you want to feel fabulous, put your £1 deposit down now (really, why would you even wait) so you can Reconnect, relax & recentre.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose.


Or scroll down to get a free gift for the first 10 lucky people!

I suppose you're wondering who I am?

I'm Jay Diamond, a shamanic, tantric, yogini. I help people like you get Reconnected to themselves, their life, and feel good. I think we're all pretty busy and deserve a bit of downtime so I put this mini retreat together so you can top up your health and wellbeing tanks, because you know as well as I do, if you don't look after your health and wellbeing everything else eventually goes to s***; but we're often not 100% at staying focused on it!

This workshop will reconnect you to your heart, body & soul, and that's the stuff that makes you feel good long after you walk out the door. It's an opportunity to meet like minded people and be part of a community who appreciates the good things in life.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jay xx