The only week you'll need this year to blissfully Reconnect to inner joy, relaxation, & a happy soul

Don't miss your place on this incredible, soulful, wellness retreat adventure in stunning Portugal 2-9th September 2017

Wanna wave stress goodbye?

You want:  your body to feel healthy and strong, to feel relaxed and focused, and even a bit sexy. You want to feel carefree again, have time to just luxuriate, and not have to work so hard to make it all happen

But right now you feel

Like you're always on the go. Even the fun stuff has to be tightly scheduled in -when you can actually get to it (not enough). You rarely get time to truly, deeply rest

A little of whack with wellness. Yoga, meditation, healthy food - you know you should and often do, but a little routine and support would do you the world of good right now.

A tad scattered. It's time to focus on the things that matter most to you in life, and it's hard spinning all those plates - purpose, intimate connections, keeping the stress levels down & steely self confidence.

You need someone just to scoop you up, and melt away the tension... so you can feel at ease, know your next steps, and peel away the layers of your heart for glorious inner peace.

But of course, that kinda stuff doesn't just happen by magic, you have to decide on it.

( applies to 2 people booking a double room together, friends or lovers )

As you lie back and look at the night stars with a warm breeze drifting over your body, you're smiling ear to ear. You feel light, and free.

You want this feeling to last forever... there's a contentment, a peace inside you - you forgot was there. But it's back now, and you feel re-connected. Not just to your body, which has deeply relaxed; but to your soul.

You realise that you have the tools you need now to take this feeling back home with you and make it last. Hand on heart, you thank yourself for giving you the time, space and willingness to reconnect.

It's been a beautiful and transformational week.

The Portuguese Algarve is the perfect place to restore, realign and reconnect.

Daily yoga and meditation, wellness and life enhancing workshops, plenty of time to relax, and even the odd cheeky cocktail. This week is all about you and it's a very special experience you won't find elsewhere.

Why? The Reconnection Retreat combines an exclusive mix of yoga, tantra and shamanism (with fun).

Been too busy to relax? 

Daily meditation will remind you how.

Diet not 100%?

Gorgeous vegetarian food awaits.

Stressed and disconnected from your best self ?

Our workshops will recentre you, open your heart to receive love + help you manifest greatness.

Not having enough fun?

You soon will (and we're going to see the dolphins!)



Save your place now on this 7 day intimate retreat into pure bliss, relaxation and alignment - with the guaranteed sun of Portugal in a lush, secluded private villa .

This is your chance to get the space and pampering you need to reconnect to yourself; to intimacy and to life! Let go of stress, and breathe easy.

This very special wellness retreat will nourish your mind, body and soul + align you with your best self. Your body is nourished with yoga and gorgeous vegetarian food, your mind is relaxed with powerful de stressing techniques and meditation, and your soul is ignited with a variety of potent workshops to help you align with your inner self.

Everyone's welcome.

daily yoga classes (all levels welcome) -meditation - a trip to see the dophins- vegetarian food -de-stressing workshop - reconnecting to the elements - tantric heart meditation - cocktail making - wine tasting (erm yes thanks!) - soul purpose workshop - yogic mudra and chanting - vegetarian food - loads of free time for basking - hugs + good coffee - laughter - daydreaming - deep sleep - relaxation - sun worshipping - reigniting the flame of your heart; and oh so much more...

Do you want to feel amazing?

Good, come with us, you can!

Yes please, that's for me!

Wanna see your schedule?

Of course you do!


Check in from 5pm, unpack, relax and have a leisurely dinner at 8pm and meet your new friends

Sunday: Root chakra (reconnect to your body)

8am Yoga and meditation, breakfast + opening sharing circle.

At 12 you'll learn a tantric heart meditation, have a gorgeous lunch + then your day is free. At 6.30pm we'll come together for shamanic trance dance to eliminate body stress and connect to the body and heart - shaking off city life. Followed by evening meal.

Monday: Sacral chakra (reconnect to sensuality)

8am yoga and sacred sexuality meditation followed by a scrumptious breakfast and a sacred sexuality workshop - the tantric love keys & developing intimacy. You'll learn how to circulate your sacred sexual energy. Then we'll have lunch and you have free time until 6pm when we gather again for a gentle hatha yoga class. Afterwards we'll go into the local area for dinner to sample Portuguese food.

Tuesday: Manipura chakra (reconnect to fun)

8am yoga + meditation, breakfast and set off for dolphin watching!! At 7.30 we gather for dinner and a cocktail making class ( all about the fun!)

Wednesday: Heart Chakra (reconnect to relaxation and love)

8.30am yoga + hridaya heart meditation + mantra chanting. Breakfast + de stress workshop. The rest of the day is free.

Thursday: Throat chakra (reconnect to your divine expression)

8am yoga, yoga nidra and sankalpa. Breakfast + soul purpose workshop. We will then prepare for the evening shamanic fire ceremony. Lunch + free time. At 6pm we gather for relaxing yoga, an out door barbecue and shamanic fire ceremony followed a little local wine tasting.

Friday: 3rd eye chakra (reconnect to your focus and vision for life)

8am yoga + meditation, followed by a delicious breakfast. Core desired feeling + life mapping ( get a road map for your next 12 months) Followed by shamanic limpia flower blessing + lunch. Free time. Then we meet at 6 for gentle yoga, dinner and closing circle.


8am Hridaya heart meditation. 10am check out.

(there may be small changes to the time table if needed)


I'm Jay, and I'm here to make sure you feel

  • wonderful in mind, body & soul
  • get respite from a busy life
  • able to create a life you love

I'm a shamanic, tantric, yogini. A spiritual teacher (and eternal student of life) with a wicked sense of humour, no fluff approach and deeply devotional heart. As a healer, I help people have powerful personal and spiritual breakthroughs to help them create a life they really love. I've helped my clients step in to their life purpose, create better patterns in their relationships, make career decisions in alignment with their soul, release blockages around their sexuality and find their own inner peace.

I have 19 years experience as a healer in various modalities, and teach Tantric Vinyasa - a style of yoga that keeps the body strong & engaged and uses breath and movement to heal the energy body.

If you want to have a nosey at my Facebook page, << click there

If you're still wondering if this is for you, I'd love to answer your questions! Just email me perhaps we can jump on a Skype call and have a chat. No pressure, I'm here to help

The Venue.

We will stay in a lovely private villa set in large grounds where we'll have our daily alfresco yoga classes. We have a lovely private pool and space to sit together outside for our evening meals under the clear, crisp Portuguese sky.

Brightly coloured tiled floors brighten your day, with enough space to be together or sneak off to the hammock for some quiet time under the tree.

Blue flag beaches are a short ride away, with stretches of clean bright sand and lapping waves.

The local village is quaint, simple and tranquil, yet close enough to the action to enjoy watersports and more. You can experience both the laid back nature, and fun loving sides of the Portugese.

There are only 12 places and one of them is yours. Book now to give yourself that 'something to look forward to!' feeling. There are payment plans if you'd like.

I want to go!