Sex & Spirit mentorship

Maybe you can't find your soulmate, or you need to put the passion back in your relationship?

Or secretly you hate your body even though you know you shouldn't... that fear of rejection never quite goes away.

Is it that your communication hits a wall, or you know you are still carrying shame from the past and it's holding you back?

"Life changing" is something I hear a lot from my clients.

"I feel like it has been a pivotal point in my life and it’s left me so motivated and excited to get the ball rolling in creating new opportunities for myself." - Rhea B

I have 19 years experience as a healer  under my belt, and blend shamanic, energy healing and traditional tantra with sexual energy practices.

What I know is that teaching tools and techniques to attract romance, or a better sex life or break through an old pattern are likely to be short lived if we don't address the underlying cause.

Some coaches work with the conscious mind, others work with the subconscious.

I work with the mind, body AND soul. That means long term, short term and embodied results.

No two people are the same.

I've helped clients understand why & how they have been keeping love away for years, and taught them practical techniques that led to being asked out 3 times in one week.  I've assisted them in learning about their sexual energy, and developing it so they can feel more confident and let go of body shame. With others we reduced their anxiety; worked through childhood trauma; or manifested the money for a tax bill in a week!

(Btw, your sexuality and money manifestation are linked!)

These sessions are tailored to your needs, because you are unique. You will get tools you can use for life, as well as me personally carrying out deep healing work that will set your soul free and help you break free from years of self sabotage, unhealthy patterns or simply feeling unfulfilled or flat.

Love + sex are worlds we can always dive deeper in to and learn more about. Who doesn't want to explore full body orgasms, delicious self pleasure and heart fuelled intimacy?

Loving yourself is the fundamental part of this path. When you can truly let go of the past, and learn some practical sexy tools in the present, the future looks orgasmic.

You will discover the path of pleasure...

Get the passion, love & connection back with your long term partner

Feel sexier & confident to strut your stuff

Learn communication that connects and deepens desire

Manifest your soulmate & experience deep love, adoration and sharing

Create ritual, depth & sacredness in your sex life to take you to new heights

Experience full body and multiple orgasms

You will create:


  • Passion

    You will experience more passion in your life. Firstly within yourself, as you break through years of feeling stuck you will feel a renewed passion for your life. Then in your current relationship, or through a new or potential partner who is magnetised to you

  • Safety

    Feel safe in your body and the journey of your life. Feel safe in the knowledge that you now know how to make decisions in alignment with your soul. Feel safe enough to explore your sexuality in a powerful and beautiful way.

  • Connection

    You will develop the ability to really connect to your personal sexuality, as well as your soul’s voice. That means you love yourself; truly.

    You will create stronger romantic connections, and experience more support, acknowledgement and trust

  • Orgasm

    Stronger, longer, deeper, full body and multiple orgasms.


  • Communication

    Having the confidence to communicate your sexual desires, and hear the messages your body wants to share with you. Create better communication in your relationships.

    Communicate to the world your high value by the way you carry yourself, and the way you love yourself.

Mentorship: 6 x 90 minute sessions via Skype or Facebook video.

I'm ready!


"This time last year I was looking for advise and guidance regarding love - namely feminine vs masculine energy.
Jay gave me advise which has TOTALLY transformed my love aura and energy. It was a progressive transformation so I didn't notice it instantly but I can look back now and say YES- Jay helped me own and share my feminine energies like the Goddess that I am. "

Tendai Chagweda
Tendai Chagweda

just wanted to say a massive thank you for the soul retrieval session... I didn't know what to expect but it was  such a wonderful feeling and amazing to hear your feedback on things only deep in my mind.

I feel so supported and excited about moving forward. my words cannot thank you enough.

Holly P

As someone with a sexual abuse background and is struggling to reconnect with her own pleasure, exploring this with someone I can trust is crucial.

I felt held and supported and knew I could let go into the feelings that came up. Shame, anger at myself, guilt and deep resentment have been moving through my body causing pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder area while Jay helped me fully express them all, holding a wonderfully strong container for it...

I recommend this work as well as Jay + the key is to surrender to whatever there is.

Thankyou jay for your amazing deep heart and love filled support in facilitating my first ever full body orgasm experience.

Anna S

If you're ready to invest in a passionate life during our initial phone consultation, I'll gift you these special bonuses.

  • Bonus 1 - Feminine Radiance Ecourse

    This 4 module course packs a powerful punch.

    You will learn:

    Why men won’t commit to you, and how to change it.

    Why you feel so burnt out, and how you can flip on the sexy switch.

    Practices to make men turn their head in the street just to look at you.

    Your current feminine archetype, and the feminine qualities you would like to develop to attract love and feel sexier.

    How to be powerful AND feminine.

    WHY cultivating your feminine energy is important, and how to embody your queendom as a clever, power-full woman.

    Why so many people go to you for support, but you don’t get the same treatment.

  • Bonus 2 - Body Blessing

    This is the ‘how to’ of loving your body. A guided puja (blessing) meditation to help you cultivate deep love and reverence for your physical body.

    Your pleasure increases when you deeply love, accept, and respect your body.

    This practice will change your life.

  • Bonus 3 - Downloadable video

    Where applicable you will receive a downloadable video to remind you how to use a healing technique for yourself. You are guaranteed to walk away with skills you can use for a lifetime to reduce stress and anxiety and blast through blocks.

Yes! I want my bonuses

I look forward to hearing from you.

I want you to know that I give my clients all I've got. I take them on a deep journey to discover parts of themselves they thought they had lost, or didn't want to see. I lift them up in love so they can discover how truly great they are and reach their highest potential. Because of this I have limited availability.

I only work with people I truly know I can assist.