You want to feel confident about your body, sexuality and intimacy.

But you feel anxious, and embarrassed and worry about being judged.

I'm here to tell you, you deserve pleasure, and you can have a passionate, exciting life.

Hi, I’m Jay and my job is guide you back into your full potential.  I’m a yoga teacher, healer, coach & psychic, and I will show you the way to mind, body & soul happiness.

You know there is so much more to you, and you're ready to find your magic. You want to be your best version of you, but you're not quite sure how to get there. You've realised that mind, body & soul matter if you want to be happy - and what happiness means is different for everyone.

There's no one size fit's all approach to life. We all have different experiences, upbringing and desires that shape who we are and what we want from life. That's why my work is tailored to you. 

Our society is so messed up around sex. 

We're bombarded by skewed media influences, dating apps give the illusion of endless 'possibilities' & porn has become sex education for some, yet we still find it so hard to have grown up and loving conversations about sexuality. Even though we have more ways to communicate than ever, many still feel lonely. 

Men and women have been conditioned to fit stereotypes and closed boxes that feel too small now. We want more, and we want to learn how to relate to each other in happier, healthier ways. 

My courses, coaching, meditations & seminars are created to help you powerfully connect to your sacred sexuality, and banish once and for all, the conditioning that prevents you from living with confidence, freedom and love. 

But how did I get here? 

“We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!” - Haifz

I took the call from my aunt on a busy side road in Brixton. She said my brother had had a bad psychotic episode. My mother was too distraught to speak. He was aggressive; made accusations that undermined family relationships, and tried to extort money.

My blood ran cold in my veins.

I had to lean on a wall to keep my legs from giving way, I was in shock. We had been trying to get him help for a long time to no avail, we knocked on many doors and none of them had opened. He’d become increasingly incoherent; isolating & neglecting himself badly over the years.

I immediately took a coach ‘cross country to just be with my mum for a few weeks to call social workers in an attempt to rally professional help. Really, it was like climbing Everest in tennis shoes.

Over the coming months I would sleep with my phone at my side, and often cry myself to sleep in fear that he would hurt himself or be hurt due to his increasing vulnerability. I lived every single day gripped by fear & began obsessively worrying. An invisible hand had twisted the inside of my stomach and would not let go.

I had a very strong bond with my brother though I had left home many years ago. But his words and actions were causing me to question my relationship with him and our family as we knew it. Infact, the whole thing was causing me to question life itself and whether I wanted to be part of it anymore. You see, I had already been through so much.

I wasn't sure I could survive more heartache. 

The foundations of my belonging system had been shook. Family relationships fell apart under the strain.

I was unravelling.

I was unable to hold my family together, and sank into a place of isolation which ultimately forced to reintegrate all the parts of myself that lay shattered on the floor. My history of abuse, generational wounding & low self esteem had arisen again, glaring me square in the face.

I thought I had dealt with it all. The anger, the anxiety, the body shame... but I wasn't quite there, and life was calling me to  go deeper than I ever had before.

Off the ledge into the ice plunge pool... to witness and transform the self sabotage, failed relationships, the heartbreak, the anxiety, depression, & the isolation. 

This situation broke me...


So I could see the hidden pain that still lived in my heart. 

You could say my karma, is my dharma, or; life purpose.

I had been working as an energy healer alongside my ‘mainstream’ life since I was 18, and have been told I am a powerful psychic. Naturally curious, I excelled in my Psychology degree, and loved to learn about the brain and human behaviour.

As years went by, I learnt many healing methods, testing them on myself and sharing them with others. A friend introduced me to sacred plant medicines some years ago; and after careful research I travelled to begin my journey on this path. I'm pleased to say it changed me forever for the better.

I healed at the deepest levels, layer through layer. I received downloads of wisdom, and stepped on my path as a healer and guide.

After years of secretly feeling isolated and unlovable, I broke through to true self love, healthier intimate relationships and kindness towards my body. 

I believe you can find a place in you, you can come home to – to feel safe, secure & authentic.

I'm committed to showing you how, to teaching you everything I know, in the simplest way I can so that you can marry your sexuality with your spirituality in a sacred way.

And spiritual for you might simply mean authenticity and kindness. To yourself, and to others. 

My 19 years as a healer, oracle reader, my deep life experience and psychology degree educated me well. I deliver it all in a down to earth way, with a sprinkle of sexy and a shot of straight talk.  I'm here if you want to Work With Me

“Jay is a heart centred healer of truth and grounded no B.S. support” – Steph, High Vibration Living.

By learning to tune in to my higher guidance, my soul has guided me to many sacred lands on the planet Hawaii, Peru, India, Thailand, Glastonbury, California (Mount Shasta) Mexico, New York &  and more.

I've been blessed to meet amazing people and have amazing experiences... from fire poojas with tantric masters, pilgrimages to ancient temples with Shamans, diviners in Africa,  to moonlight mountain visits at Mount Shasta.  

I love music! I used to be a DJ and radio presenter. House, hiphop, reggae, rnb... and dancing. I bake cakes and eat it all. I like juicing, yoga and tantra, but I also watch boxing and Come Dine With Me! I swear like a trooper (working on it!). I often break out into random song, and the running man.

I continue to learn, love, travel and grow.

And you. I love working with amazing people like you.