5 Autumn health and happiness hacks

5 Autumn Health and Happiness Hacks

  Ok, so maybe just the 1 leaf has fallen; but I am definitely seeing more runny noses – my heating has been on and off most of the week and the winter coat is out.  Autumn!  I’m seeing couples kissing in coffee shops, toddlers looking like star fish in their big jackets, and all of a sudden I want to make soup. Lots and lots of warming soup.  As the sunshine fades and we fold away the summer dresses use these 5 top Autumn health hacks to keep you on top form as we shift seasons. And please, tag me in your posts if you do any of these! INSTA: @ladyjaydiamond  FACEBOOK : msjaydiamond


  1 Prevention is better than cure: manuka honey & garlic

This saved my arse recently. About 4 days before I was due to fly to Portugal to lead The Reconnection Retreat  I could feel my body starting to feel virusy. It was not an option to go down with anything before I was about to embark on this epic adventure. I immediately put together this potent anti viral and immune system boosting remedy. Here’s how: Use medicinal manuka honey, or raw honey. Empty half of the honey into another jar to keep for later. Add at least 2 cloves of crushed garlic to the honey and stir in well. Take a small teaspoon in the morning or in the evening. I take mine with water and swallow it whole like a tablet as it’s potent! I also don’t take it on an empty stomach as it can make you feel queasy that way.  Use organic honey if you can. This is SO SO good for you, and will keep your physical body in tip top shape warding off the lurgey. I took it 3 x daily and did not get poorly. That virusy feeling recessed and nowI feel fab.  Ain’t nobody got that that that!    

click the garlic to find the honey!

2. Echinacea tincture

This is another god send to build the immune system and warm off the sniffles before the happen. Or at least help you get over an illness quicker. You can drink echinacea tea as a top up but the tincture is stronger. 10-15 drops a day keeps the snot away. 

Click the picture below to go directly to the type I use now:


3. Keep your mood up

I taught a gorgeous yoga class last night at Island Records for the staff; and gave them a blissful yoga nidra at the end. We finished at 7.30 and it was getting DARK! *LE SIGH* Farewell light nights.  Some of us struggle more with this than others. If you have even mild seasonal affective disorder, or feel crap after 2 months of getting up and coming home in the dark a SAD lamp might be worth investing in. A few friends have these and just have them while getting ready for work and making dinner and say it makes ALL the difference to how they feel. You can get a little lamp at £20 or a larger one form £35 upwards.  If that’s not for you, a walk at lunchtime will help you with a little vitamin D fix, and will perk you up, giving you some extra energy for the afternoon’s work.   

click to look at those magic lamps!


4. Make an autumn happiness list 

Instead of dreading the cold and impending soggy leaves, write a list of all the great things about autumn and all the fun you can get up to. Take this list out at regular intervals and tick your happiness list off as you complete each fun item!  Pumpkin spice latte. red wine and lentil stew, pumpkin carving, new wardrobe shopping, open fire burning, girl night in arranging… what will you do?

Download this free, fun autumn happiness list that you can fill in online or print out! >> HERE


5. Eat well and prosper

Take a little extra care of your health with good food. Try this super duper green juice from my mini e book 21 Healthy Lifehacks for Busy Women to start your day to get a load of vitamins in at once.


Blend /juice together:

1/2 stick of celery (strip the spines out)

big handful of spinach or kale

juice of half a lemon

thumb width piece of ginger

1/2 an apple

3/4 cup of water 1/2 handful of parsley
3 finger width of cucumber
add 1/2 tsp spirulina powder if you like

and a tsp of honey if you must