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This is the place for spiritually evolving people. You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and take action!

You want your confidence back, you wanna go for your dreams, you’re done with heartbreak.

You want real happiness + inner peace – the stuff that lasts, a relationship that goes the distance + to finally feel like you’ve made it.


It’s time to swerve those same old roadblocks, hot wire the car + hit the road to a life you love.


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I can help; you’ll be glad to know I have a map for you and you don’t have to go it alone. You see, I’ve been down that road a few times myself. There’s a few bumps, dead ends and tight corners, but I can navigate you through it.

You have a purpose. You know it, I know it. Don’t pretend you don’t feel it.. I see you.

It’s to fulfil your potential; to express your unique gifts + to create an authentic life you love. Your soul is screaming for it, that’s why you’re so damn frustrated!

You want real, raw freedom – to look yourself in the eye and say, ‘Look how far you’ve come, I’m so proud of you”. And MEAN it.

But you can’t do it if you’re stuck in bad habits, old addictions, fear and insecurity.

REALITY CHECK: If you don’t deal with this now, where will you in 3 years time? At the same pit stop? Still driving down the wrong road in a borrowed car?

You deserve better

I’m Jay, and I help people like you have powerful spiritual breakthroughs and walk the road to love. A fierce love that lights up in all areas of your life; in your health, body image, sexual relationships, choices, career path, family + confidence.

As a healer, psychic + yoga teacher I go beyond traditional methods to meet the cause of a problem at it’s root and weed it out, as well as helping you to manage the symptoms of it. You know, the stress, confusion + emotional eating.

Here you’ll find courses, energy healing + coaching, meditations + more to help you powerfully shift your mindset, and find peace at a soul level so you can activate your potential + happiness.

I’ve been doing this work for 16 years, and I know that you can thrive, no matter what.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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 The Sacred Woman Tribe is a diverse, growing community of women from all over the world who will cheer you on, as you walk the road to a life you love.

Because women have shared experiences and challenges, we share mind, body & soul recommendations, stories, recipes, inspiration, articles, books, crystals, healing techniques & a fat dollop of encouragement. This particular space is just for women to get into the womb-heart of it all.

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Get your FREE anti stress meditation, access to our secret group and divine tips for sacred success & soul

We value your privacy and would never spam you

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